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If you would like our advice and for us to meet with you to discuss in detail about our services we are always ready to give you one hour of our time and meet with you on your property. During this consultation period we will walk through the property with you and offer our advice on the condition of the property. We will also make suggestions to you on the maintenance items you should consider. From experience we have found that this consultation is a true benefit while you make a decision about property management services for your property.


If you prefer to handle the day-to-day management of your property yourself but you do not have the time or availability to market and show vacancies on a moment's notice nor the expertise in screening or choosing a new tenant then this is a right program for you.
McCormick Property Management and Realty, LLC will handle any and all of the following:

  • Take enhancing photographs of vacancies
  • Advertising/marketing of vacancies
  • View/show vacant houses/units
  • Conduct Thorough residential/employment verifications
  • Execute rental/Lease agreement
  • Conduct & Complete Move-in Inspection form with tenant
  • Recommend required maintenance
  • Collect Security deposit and first month's rent upfront

We then hand over the property back to you for the day-to day management.


As one of our management clients, you may prefer to show your vacancies by yourself. However, if you wish to have the added assurance that the tenant you select is thoroughly screened, qualified and verified, then this is the right service for you.
McCormick Property Management and Realty, LLC will provide the following:

  • Verify information on application
  • Verify job/income
  • Run a credit report
  • Conduct & complete move-in inspection report
  • Execute rental/Lease agreement

Supply Landlord with copy of signed Lease and signed move-in inspection form.


McCormick Property Management and Realty, LLC will handle all aspects of caring for your property 7 days a week and 24 hours a day so you would not have to worry about getting a call at 3:00am in the morning about a leaking tap or faulty water heater.
Listed below are a few of the many services included:

  • Rent collection
  • Supervise maintenance
  • Payment of all contractor bills
  • Advertising/marketing vacancies
  • Thorough verification/credit screening
  • Periodic property inspections

The actual monthly management fee is based on variables of services needed. Leasing fees are calculated separately from the monthly management fee. Please call our office to discuss the applicable fees for your requested services.

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