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New Tenant Requirements

Thank you for considering renting from McCormick Property Management and Realty, LLC. We believe in providing excellent management services to prospective tenets looking for the very best property management.


Please consider the following in order to get your application approved by the owner.

  • Please be sure the application is filled out completely, including all telephone numbers and names of contact people for the last two years. Click here for a printable application
  • Please attach copies of your last two most recent pay check stubs. If you are self employed please provide your latest tax returns.
  • Complete the credit check authorization form. We do a complete credit and criminal backgrounds check on each prospective tenet.
  • Attach your application fee of $75 to the application. Application fees need to be in cash or money order made payable to McCormick Property Management and Realty, LLC .

We look forward to the timely approval of your application. Thank you for choosing McCormick Property Management and Realty, LLC your best choice for property management services.


For your information, the following are items that we will consider when evaluating your application.

Residence History

  • How have you treated your past landlords? (mortgage companies)
  • How often did you pay late?
  • How many times did you bounce a check?
  • How well did you take care of the property?


  • Do you have a job?
  • How long have you been at your current job?
  • Will your employer verify the income you claim to make?
  • Are there other sources of income?

Credit Report

  • How have you paid your past obligations?
  • McCormick Property Management and Realty, LLC can often offset a weak area by strengthening another. A larger security deposit may offset weak credit.

These are the fees that you can expect to pay when applying for a rental.

At Time of Application

  • Application Fee of $75 (payable in certified funds or by money order)
  • The first month's Rental Deposit (payable in certified funds or by money order) which will not be deposited until you are approved

Why should I rent from your company?

We are a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous property management company. We work very hard to provide the highest quality resident services you'll ever experience.

  • We use professional vendors (painters, handymen, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc) to ensure that your unit is in good condition. We inspect the work performed to ensure that everything is ready before you move in.
  • We are available 24 hours a day to handle emergency maintenance repairs.
  • We provide detailed Move-in and Move-out Inventory forms for proper documentation of the condition of your rental.
  • All deposits that are retained by us are kept in a FDIC insured bank.
  • When you sign your lease, you have a meeting with your property manager to go over all parts of the lease to help ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities under the lease.
  • All our property managers are licensed real estate professionals according to state requirements.

How do I apply to rent?

Check out our application guidelines to be sure you qualify, then complete our application form and submit it to us along with the application fee for the home you want. We'll process it and let you know the results.

Will I sign a lease?

Yes, for most of our properties you will sign a 12 month lease that covers our responsibilities to each other throughout our tenancy. We will go over each part of the lease to ensure you understand it. After your application is accepted, your deposit is received, and your lease is signed, we'll hand you the keys to your home!

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